Book Clubs

Here are some topics your book club might use to discuss Pearl’s Party:

  1. What did Pearl do that surprised you the most? What would you have done differently in that situation?
  2. How would you describe Pearl’s parenting style? What lessons can parents learn from Pearl? Single moms?
  3. Is there anything that Pearl did that you would never do? Wish you could do?
  4. Would you consider Pearl’s life successful? How is success usually defined in our society?
  5. What does Pearl’s style tell you about her personality?
  6. We know that Pearl lived in the moment. Why, then, do you think she kept so many unnecessary objects from the past? What could have prompted her to save something like an airplane ticket?
  7. Do you think people are born with a zest for life or do their circumstances mold them? How is it that Pearl became such a huge persona?
  8. Did the author raise any controversial issues? Where do you stand on those issues?
  9. The subject of watching a sick parent in the process of dying is a prickly one. How do you think Ms. Elias handled it?

Please let me know if you’d like to buy the book in bulk or if you’d like to have me Skype into your group meet-up.  Feel free to leave comments letting me know how it went.