Pearl’s Party…and you’re invited : the book


There’s so much to say about Pearl that I just had to write the book!

If this is your first visit to my blog, you’re in for a treat.  The pages are filled with videos of the music that was the soundtrack of Pearl’s life.  In fact, the chapters of the book are each named for a favorite song, all of which she could sing beautifully (even if she did have to turn her back to her audience to ameliorate her stage fright).

Pearl’s life was an adventure, and if you were her friend (or her child) you were lucky to be a part of it. She was a second generation Philadelphian who spent most of her life there, except when she was traveling to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Aruba, Spain, New Orleans, Marina del Rey or countless other places. Considering how much she traveled, packing remained a challenge for her.  It required a scotch on the rocks every time out.  I can still recall the sound of the ice cubes tinkling in her tumbler.

She was a creative entrepreneur, as you will learn.  She loved dogs (and sometimes cats) and every other animal. Her talent as a dog groomer brought her local celebrity status and a brief television appearance with her perfectly sculpted French toy poodles. She also loved food — to a fault — and tried her hand as a restaurateur and proprietress of a supper club. She built businesses around her passions, but she had a lust for whatever she was involved with.  You might say she had a Type A personality, and tended to overindulge.

Her life was one continuous party and she’d want you to be invited.  So, step on in, and enjoy the little snippets I’ve sprinkled around here.  I encourage you to buy the book for the full foray into the life of a wonderful partying mother like no other.


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