Mood Indigo, Romain Duris & the Pianocktail

I love Paris.  I love it in the Springtime, I love it in the Fall and I love it in the movies. So when I found a film called Paris that was set in Paris, I fell in love all over again. Fabrice Luchini has become my favorite French movie star, but starring with him in that film was the easy-on-your-eyes Romain Duris.  Now that I became acquainted with their work, I needed more, more, more (<<plus, plus, plus>>).  After I’d seen most of Luchini’s films, I started on those of Duris.  That’s how I happened upon Mood Indigo. 

Since Pearl immersed me in jazz, I knew of the Duke Ellington tune.  What a great name for a film, too!  Had to see it!!

It’s one of those films like The Grand Budapest Hotel that is pure eye candy…and clever, too.  Please enjoy this scene of Duris’ character introducing his invention, a piano that mixes drinks based on the notes played on the keyboard: the Pianocktail.  Then tell me that Pearl wouldn’t have flipped her lid for this!



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