Volare — Bobby Rydell (Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu)

Pearl’s fellow-Philadelphian Bobby Rydell popularized this song.  He’s seen in this video with a group of screaming teenagers.

He sings English lyrics that differ from the original Italian. Loosely it translates to: “I painted my hands and face blue before being swept up by the wind to fly in the infinite sky. Volare—flying, Cantare—singing. Blue painted in the blue. Flying happily, higher than the sun, even higher while the world was slowly disappearing below. All the dreams fade away at dawn because while setting, the moon takes them. But I keep dreaming in your beautiful eyes, which are as blue as a sky quilted with stars. And I keep flying happily, higher. While the world is slowly disappearing in your blue eyes, your voice is a soft music playing only for me. Flying, Singing, in the blue of your eyes, happy to be down here with you.”


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